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I'm using zylanns height terrain plugin:

I tried moving on a simple square (staticbody, meshinstance, collisionshape) with a sphere (kineticbody, meshinstance, collisionshape) and that worked fine but once I try the same thing on a HTerrain it just doesn't work. The sphere does not move on the terrain. Do I need to change the collision layers or mask or anything?

The code I'm using to move the sphere:

extends KinematicBody

const gravity = -9.8
var velocity = Vector3()

const SPEED = 6

var camera

func _ready():
  camera = get_node("Camera").get_global_transform()

func _physics_process(delta):
  var dir = Vector3()

    dir += -camera.basis[2]

    dir += camera.basis[2]

    dir += -camera.basis[0]

    dir += camera.basis[0]

dir.y = 0
dir = dir.normalized()

velocity.y += delta * gravity

var hv = velocity
hv.y = 0

var new_pos = dir * SPEED

if ( > 0):
    accel = ACCELERATION

hv = hv.linear_interpolate(new_pos, accel * delta)

velocity.x = hv.x
velocity.z = hv.z
velocity = move_and_slide(velocity, Vector3(0,1,0))

The scene being played:

The sphere being moved:

Sphere that's stuck:
stuck player

I'm using the latest godot version (3.2.2) and downloaded the addon from the master branch.

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Try playing with the collision of the sphere, increase its collision margin. Make a new one just in case. Don't scale it, resize it with the round handles.

Thank you for trying to help, but it has been solved already.

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