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AnimationTree Node allows blending animations created in AnimationPlayer Node
but I can't find how to set the speed of the animations and I don't want to modify animations keyframe by keyframe. I set animations by using eg:


on process function.

setting the AnimatioPlayer's playback_speed parameter using



$AnimationPlayer.playback_speed = 2

only changes the speed in editor but not at runtime

how to solve it?


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Solved it by adding the StateMachine inside the blendtree and adding a time scale node before the output.

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You need to use a BlendTree, inside the BlendTree add your animation and a TimeScale, then in code you can set it with something like

$animation_tree.set("parameters/BlendTree/TimeScale/scale", 2.0)

(Edited the parameters)

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I don't get it? I'm using BlendSpace2D so I can't set the animation speed there? Design hell

You can, when adding a point in the BlendSpace2D select "Add BlendTree" select the point and the button "Open Editor" will open, there tou can add the timescale and your animation

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