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there is a platform on which the cube is located (by default). I would like to be able to create new cubes, and when they come into contact with a friend, so that they form a figure with their area of contact, for example, add cubes constantly to the left so that the advantage is to the left and so that the resulting figure falls from the platform.

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You seem to be referring to Blender 3D. You could make another cube in the same spot, move it using the magnetic ability with a point or edge set for a target. By repeating this via ctrl+R (or may shift+R... been a while since I have used all the functions in B3D). You can use ctrl+J to join the cubes in one object.

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I wanted to do it in godot. For example, here is an example of how it works in unity. an object is created and added to it rigidbody, objects with meshrender and boxcollider are added to it. it works in unity, if you do something like that in a godot then it won't work.

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