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var textures = [

func _ready() -> void:
    $Sprite.texture = load(textures[])  <---- Error

Invalid set index 'texture' (on base: 'null instance') with value of type 'StreamTexture'

i found this, but didn't solve my problem

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i had a similar problem here, did you had solve this problem? if so, pls let me know :D

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Your $Sprite node reference is null. You need find out why that is...

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this Scene has 1 node and it is a Sprite and it is called Sprite how can it be null ??

Just a single Sprite node? So, the Sprite is the single, top-level node (and no other nodes)?

If so, is the above script attached to that Sprite node? If so, you just want this:

texture = load(textures[])

That $Sprite is attempting to access a child node, which doesn't exist...

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