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I'm trying to make my game do something when a quit request has been received. So it runs a function and then the game closes after that is done. The problem is that it only works in either the editor or when the game is exported as a debug. If I were to export the game as a release, this wouldn't work.

Anyone have any ideas why??

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What does your code look like?

func _notification(what):
        get_tree().quit() # default behavior

I'm using this which is from the docs just with an added function before the quit is called

What's the target platform? I don't know much about that notification, but digging around, it sounds like it might have a few quirks between various platforms.

Related, have you tried adding this to _ready()?


Yes, this is being done on the first scene that is loaded when the game starts. Exporting it for Windows currently.

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To run code when the project is exiting, you can define an _exit_tree() method in a singleton (which will be freed when the project quits):

func _exit_tree():
    # Don't quit here, as it will be done by Godot automatically.
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