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I have a player character that I want to be able to seamlessly transition between different scenes. The way I tried to do this was by using an autoload script. There was a variable "player" that stored the player node, and whenever the player passes a certain location, the autoload changes the scene and adds the player variable to the new scene root using add_child(). However, whenever this function runs the game instantly crashes with no error message. I can post a gif of what happens with my specific code if that helps. Thanks in advance! :)
Edit: I have found out my problem is due to the player variable becoming "Deleted Object" when I change scenes. This is because the variable is pointing to a specific node in a specific scene. So what I want to know, is how can I "save" the player node as a scene that I can instance in the next scene? Thanks! :)

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So I assume, 2 things:

  • either you are loosing a reference to player instance
  • or you are deleting player with a scene, because it's connected

The way I would do it, is to store a reference to a player somewhere in a singleton, or add it to the root tree temporarily and then, when a new scene is loaded, add it as a child. But the important thing here is that you need to call remove_child first like this:

# or if the parent of player is current scene just remove_child(player)

# store player reference

# after a new scene is loaded
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