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When two players join the game, whoever moves their character first will get the following error:

E 0:00:53.593   get_unique_id: The multiplayer instance isn't currently active.
<C++ Error>   Condition "!active" is true. Returned: 0
<C++ Source>  modules/enet/networked_multiplayer_enet.cpp:666 @ get_unique_id()
<Stack Trace> Player.gd:197 @ _physics_process()

The other player also seems to get the error after awhile. This only happens when their are two players connected, and it isn't triggered when both players are just standing there, one of them has to move.

Server source code: https://github.com/Scrapjack-Studios/slayer-server
Client source code: https://github.com/Scrapjack-Studios/slayer

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