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Is there any way, when using the ResourceLoader to load an image directly (not going through a texture) to tell it up front that it should be stored as FORMAT_R8? I'm pulling in a pretty large image that only contains an alpha channel, and while I can convert it right after load, it feels like not the most efficient use of memory.

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I haven't used it much, but are you aware of the Image class?

Yes, that's what I'm using to load it. But it doesn't let me specify the format at load time.

(Currently messing with different file formats to see if I can get Godot to auto-detect what the file is.)

Ah, yeah, got it. Poking around, I wonder about...

  • Load the raw data via File.get_buffer() to load the data as a PoolByteArray
  • Create the image via Image.create_from_data() which accepts the data from a PoolByteArray and allows a format to be specified...

Though, I've never tried it...

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