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func _physics_process(delta):
    position.x = lerp(position.x,500,1 * delta)

How do I detect when the node interpolation reaches that position?

when i do this it doesn't work

if position.x == 500:
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You're probably getting bit by your x position never being exactly equal to 500. Try this instead:

if is_equal_approx(position.x, 500):
    print("Lerp done!")
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but this method does not work for a vector2 position
how use this for

if is_equal_approx(position, Vecttor2(500,500)):
    print("Lerp done!")

You didn't ask about a Vector2 in the original question. You were checking a float value (position.x). There is a Vector2 version of this though...

if position.is_equal_approx(Vector2(500,500)):
    print("Lerp done!")
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