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How to get the issue:
- Disable V-Sync or have the physics FPS higher than 60. (300, for example.)
- Start the game.

Whenever I move the mouse, the whole game lags. This is true to my whole desktop. After I booted up the game and move my cursor, the movement becomes slow and jittery.

This is specifically a Linux issue, and it's tied to FPS. If somebody can help me resolve the issue, I would be really grateful.

The FPS itself is not low. It's about 1300-1500 while playing.

Video of the issue.

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This is probably because the high GPU usage overwhelms the system. It's why using V-Sync or setting a FPS limit is recommended most of the time :)

Likewise, it's highly recommended to have some kind of FPS cap when recording a video to avoid dropped frames in the resulting video.

Also, consider disabling compositing or a non-compositing window manager to improve gaming performance on Linux.

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