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I have a menu scene and a level scene. I used a touch screen button with a pressed signal to go from the menu to the level scene with get_tree().change_scene() and another touchscreen button with the same function in the level to go to the menu.
The problem is that when I go to the level and return to the menu, I can no longer go to the level scene. How can I fix this?
PS - both scenes are very simple

Menu - control
       Touchscreen button (with signal and change scene script)
       Colour rect

Level - node2d
       Touchscreen button (with signal and change scene script)
       Colour rect
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You need to give us more detail (like your code or scene structure).

It's kind of a test project so I don't have much code, only the change_scene() statement called from the touchscreen buttons

The ColorRect is below or above the TouchScreenButton?

Its below the texture button

I really can't reproduce the problem, I give you my Test project, maybe you can find where the problem is.

Thanks. I'll get back to you as soon as possible

I've seen the problem. I forgot to remove a line of code that paused the level scene.
I'm sorry I put you through such stress

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