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I have a 32 bits Linux Mint Version because some softwares didn't worked anymore on my previous 64bits Linux Mint Version

Please, a Linux 32 bits version !!!


P.S. I don't know how to compile sources anyway !

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I miss Godot 2.0 for Linux 32-bit version as well, far I've solved it... so I installed Wine and downloaded the version for Windows 32-bit but it's probably not the ideal solution to use Windows version on Linux.
I don't know why this is such a problem , for Godot 2.0 Alpha is a Linux 32-bit version available.

I know you said you don't know how to compile stuff, but I'd recommend learning! It's actually pretty easy to compile Godot.

I do agree that they should include 32 bit binaries for linux. I ran into that problem myself.

The problem is that compiling for 32-bits from the 64-bit build environment we currently use requires using a chroot and installing all libraries/programs again on the other side. Even then, there are some difficulties, and currently we haven't been able to set it up.

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I'd hope not to use Wine !!! lol
just an oversight maybe !

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Yes, Wine is not the best solution :-), I hope that soon someone will build for Linux 32-bit

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Someone on Facebook compiled a 32bit linux version of godot 2.0 a while ago, you can download it here.
EDIT: I've also uploaded it to OneDrive, which is a lot faster than Mediafire... Here's the link

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Thanks for the links La_Blazer

The issue with compiling it yourself is compiling the export templates, which weren't included in this link. So now OP can't export games.

Godot 2.0.1 stable for Linux 32-bit is available for download. Thanks so much ... I have a happy day

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