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I'm trying to make a Flappy Bird game, where a game manager attached to the scene node creates pipes every second. I also have a base which has a script. I've seen that using raise() noticeably affects performance, so I'm trying to check if the base isn't at the front of the hierachy before using raise(). How would I do this? Is there a built-in function (like get_tree().get_index_in_hierachy(), or do I have to code it myself?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Could you add a few more details? What does the raise() function do? What is a "base" in this instance?

Just from a documentation point of view, you could probably do:

if(base.get_parent().get_child(0) != base)

Your code worked, thanks!
raise()is a built-in function that raises a node to the top of hierachy (DOCS), but it is pretty intensive.

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Kanor's comment.

if get_parent().get_child(0) != self:
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