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Example: "Player is in the current scene, and when the player move to the edge, he's in another scene".

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thanks for the help.

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With Escoria you can do something like this... I made a level exit scene with a cool arrow marker that has animations etc. When the player walks too far to the left of that marker I make a call to vm.run_event()

vm.run_event basically lets you run things the same way as using a .esc file, it just has a tricky "event" format.

So at the top of my scene script for the level_exit I have:

export(String, FILE, "*.scn") var scene_file

then in your function call wherever you trigger the scene change do:

var vm = gettree().getroot().getnode("vm")
event = [{"name":"change
scene", "params":[scenefile]}]

That triggers a scene change just like in a .esc file for an object I think but without requiring the player to use the object etc. I just trigger it by proximity instead.

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