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I solved the following problem I was instancing the shooter as a child of root not as a child of the current scene. Changed it and it now works,

I load a scene and it spawns a wave of marbles. Shooter tower is placed and shoots marbles.

It I reload the scene and I have tried several different ways the shooter tower is still shooting marbles even though he is not visible. You can see the marbles popping as they are shot- but the shooter tower is not present.

I tried to make a screen recording but it only recorded first scene not the current scene.

I assumed changescene, reloadcurrent_scene etc freed all nodes and left memory. But they are still running in background.

Could someone explain to me how to change or reload a scene and kill the previous scene so no unwanted instances are running?

here are methods I have tried:

#attempt 1
    func _on_restartButton_pressed():
        print('restarted scene')
        var scene = load("res://desertMap01.tscn")
        var new_scene= scene.instance()

 #attempt 2   
    func _on_restartButton_pressed():
        print('restarted scene')

  #attempt 3
    func _on_restartButton_pressed():
        print('restarted scene')
       var error_code = get_tree().change_scene("res://desertMap01.tscn")
        if error_code != 0: 
            print("ERROR: ", error_code)

Thanks JB

Godot version 3.23
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