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I am working with programmatic node creation from a scene resource. I would like to spawn resources in the loop and change the spawned nodes position. What ends up happening is the same instance keeps getting re-added and the position of the resource is changed.

Is there a way to programmatically add a resource with a variable name that is determined via code. In php this would be done with curly brackets. $some_variable_{$some_string} so long as this results in a valid variable name $some_string could be anything. Is there something similar in gdscript?

Godot version 3.2
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Though your question has already been answered just wanted to note that there are functions var2str() and str2var() also to concatenate string values you can use the + sign or %s to insert or reverence a value e.g.

var foo = "bar"

var name = "soap %s" % foo
soap bar

var name = "foo" + var2str(foo)

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As far as I can tell this feature isn't a part of GDScript, but as it turns out it isn't really necessary either. This is because if we need to access a value later we can add it as a child to the node tree and access it later using get_node. This is pretty simple in practice:

var foo = node = bar add_child(foo, true)


foo = get_child("bar")

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I'm not sure of what are you trying to do, but you can add an attribute to the variable with the string. I mean, create a new class and add a variable to store that string. Then you can add an if statement to check that string.

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Not quite what I am asking, Think of it in these terms. I am using a for loop to instance 10 scenes programmatically and I want them named foo1 foo2 ... foo_10.

I don't know how to do that, but I would create a node, called foos for example, and then add foo_1,...,foo_10 as children. Then you can get access to them using built-in functions. Advice: use the same indexation as Godot foo_0,..., foo_9.

I ended up using the node's name in the tree for what I was attempting to do. The issue was that I wanted to create an unknown number of things and so I couldn't name the variables foo_1 through foo_n, but I can name the nodes and use add_child(foo, true) to set the name in the tree then use get_node to get a named node in the tree.

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