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Hey, im new in godot.

Is there a way to use native godot networking on client-side, and golang for example on server-side.

I found some enet ports for golang, but they don't have rpc implementation such as godot hight-level netowrking.
Is godot using own rpc implementation over enet? Where i can find specification to make port for golang?

I will search more, but maybe some one do same before me, and can help with some info.

Thank you

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I found this enet port which is realy working -
i received data from rpc_id call, but anyway i dont know godot rpc protocol format,

Can't find it anywhere,i will try to look at godot source.


I checked source code, found some pack|unpack functions, trying now to find out packet structure. Protocol specification will help me much more, than code.


What i do.
Save raw packets - (paste as hex text, if you want test it)
Create template for 010 editor - (questions about params are inside this tempalte)
Its not full template, i just handle - int, string, bool

In looking for all unk params, and also little explain about my comments, if possible

For contributors: better store every size(packet, string, byte array) inside CUInt - its data type developed for angelica engine, which change numer size from 1 to 5 bytes if needed.


What done now:
I added some changes to 010 template -

Also why we need this packets:
Server2Client: NETWORK

look like only i see this qa topic.

Finally protocol is ready, now im working on golang implementation.

Will post it here, later
Also i will prepare some questions.

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So, its funny, 2 days i was talking with my self alone, but first version of high-level netowrking for golang is ready to test. Will work little bit more tomorrow, to finish this.

You can cantribute some stuff and help me, if you want.

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Also i can help with protocol, if someone want to port it for python.

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