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What did i do wrong?

Godot version 3.2.3
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It's really difficult to provide targeted answers about your code when you didn't post your code. However...

The store_line() method takes a string as an argument, as documented here:


Based on the error you posted, you're apparently trying to pass in an integer instead of a string. To fix that, you can convert your integer to a string via the str() function.

So, rather than something like this (which will cause the error you mention):

var a = 1

You need something like this:

var a = 1
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Sorry for not including the code, i forgot about it, by the way this answer helped me finding the error. Here's my code for tracking and saving the money count.

extends Node

var monete = 0

func _ready():

func load_coins():

    var save_file = File.new()
    if not save_file.file_exists("user://savefile.save"):
        print("Aborting, no savefile")

    save_file.open("user://savefile.save", File.READ)
    monete = int(save_file.get_line())

func save_level():

    var save_file = File.new()
    save_file.open("user://savefile.save", File.WRITE)
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