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When I run Godot 3.2.3-stable_win64.exe I get this message (see link):

Now I have one question:
Can I use Godot without graphics or do I really need to update my drivers to use Godot?

Godot version 3.2.3-stable_win64
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I think you might have to update your drivers. I'm not sure that Godot runs without graphics (because a game kinda requires some). Do a Google search for how to update your drivers. If you use Windows, I know how to update the drivers, but otherwise, I have no idea.

I have tried updating the driver by going to: configuration screen -> hardware and sounds -> device management -> display adaptors -> Intel(R) HD Graphics Family and then clicked on update. Then clicked on search automatic for updates. Then I got a message wich says: Your driver is up to date.

I have also tried Intel Driver & Support Assistant but nothing came out there. Only: No supported driver or software updates are available for your system.

I use windows 10

Maybe redownload Godot? Or download an earlier version? How old is your computer? (Just throwing out some suggestions).

It might be a bug. Report this to the developers?

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