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I'm trying to make a "Send Feedback" button.
How can I send a message to an email (with HTTPRequest node)?

Godot version 3.2.4 beta4 official
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To send a mail, you need to know login, password and mail server that user is using. Then you need to authorize user and only after you can send email. Taking into account that some websites have captcha protection, you will need to take it into account too. So this approach is bad for feedback.
Another option is to send email is usage of web services that have API to send email. These services are often limited in amount of emails per day, might be banned in some servers and you will need to store credentials in game, so it might be stolen. This way is bad too.
You need to use another way for feedback. The easiest way I think is opening of browser with your website where players can send feedback (which can be send to your email using server-side).

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Hmm. I see. I initially thought of email, because maybe it seemed like the easiest option, but I guess not. I mean, it does not have to be an email. It's just a message that needs to be sent to me somehow (and stored). For your third approach, there is this method: OS.shell_open("mailto:[email protected]") which will open the web browser or an email client where the user can type the message and send it.
While this approach is quite simple and fast, I thought of maybe sending a message directly inside the game without opening a new program. However I don't know how this would be done. Also thanks for answering!

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