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The title says it all, I am writing a script that changes the size of enemies but when I touch the enemy every enemy grows not just the one I am touching.

func _on_Hit_body_entered(body):
    body.radius += 50

very simple but doesn't work on just the one I touch. Is there a way to have prefabs like unity that have their own instance of the script so this doesn't happen?

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I tried this code and it created a new instance but when I collide it still makes all of the others grow too

That’s what I do, I can track them all that way.
Have a Google, there should be a ton of tutorials for this.

cool cool, I have searched a bunch but maybe I am searching the wrong things.. Thanks for the time man, I will see what I can figure out and try a new project and if I can't get it maybe I will just go back to unity

Yes, it's all about what you feel comfortable with. I started with Unity, went to GameMaker, then Defold, back to Unity and then Godot.
I like Godot, I prefer it to all the others I've used. It doesn't mean it's the best, I just feel comfortable with it.

sprite duplication in godot is really weird

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Here is an example of a universal prefab loader with caching and fault tolerance. It is part of my modified asynchronous resource loader. The above method will return the original instance at the first moment of loading, cache the instance, and then return independent duplicates when you re-access it (which is what you need to solve your problem). The method will work with any type of resource

var _cache: Dictionary = {}
var _duples: Array = []

func load_unique_resource(path: String):
    if _cache.has(path) and is_instance_valid(_cache[path].instance):
        if path in _duples:
            return _cache[path].instance.duplicate()

        return _cache[path].instance

        var f: File =

        if f.file_exists(path) or ResourceLoader.exists(path):
            var r = ResourceLoader.load(path)

            if not r.has_method("instance"):
                if r.has_method("duplicate"):
                    return r.duplicate()

                return r

            _cache[path] = { path = path, loader = r, instance = r.instance() }
            return _cache[path].instance

        return null
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