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So I'm trying to make the character change the sprite according to where the mouse is, so the character can "rotate" and be more realistic.

But somehow it's not working then the rot variable is positive. When it's negative it works properly.

Is it a bug in the engine or something?
And how am I supposed to fix it?


Here is the code:

func bow(rot):      
    if Input.is_action_pressed("mouse_left"):

    #Facing Directions
    if (rot >= -45) or (rot <= -315) or (rot == 0) or (rot >= 315) or (rot <= 45 and rot >= 0):
        facing_direction = Vector2(1, 0)
    elif (rot >= 135 and rot <= 225) or (rot >= -225 and rot <= -135):
        facing_direction = Vector2(-1, 0)
        print("it's working")
    elif (rot < 315 and rot > 225) or (rot > -315 and rot < -225):
        facing_direction = Vector2(0, 1)
    elif (rot < 135 and rot > 45) or (rot > -135 and rot < -45):
        facing_direction = Vector2(0, -1)


Godot version 3.2.3.stable.official
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Your problem looks like a logic bug to me. Here...

 #Facing Directions
    if (rot >= -45) 

Any positive value of rot will always be greater than -45, so it'll always process that block of code when the value is positive.

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Additionally, you can probably simplify your logic by adding 360 to any rot value that's less than 0.


Thanks a LOT!!!

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