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My tree:

Hi. I want to access sibling node(player -- sword)
player script:

var health=100

sword script:

onready var variable1=getnode("/root/world/player")
var player
func ready():

i am getting a mistake== Node not found: /root/world/player.

Please help. Thanks

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1 Answer

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A better way to access the node would be by executing:

onready var player = $Player

such that you can call:

player_health =

Doing it this way is more standard and can give you access to any of the children of the script holding node.

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Unfortunately yes

Can you put your code on google drive (or other so I can have a look please)?


I have got it working! :)

So in your sword script you want something like this...

onready var player = get_parent().get_node("player")

func _ready():

and then clearly in you player script you need var health = 100 somewhere.

Let me know if this works!

WOOOOOWWWW! You are awesome. It's work. Thanks for everything.

No problem!

What might be good to read for the future when accessing other nodes is this page:

Learning about signals will really open up your options

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