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I have been playing around with paronama sky animating Day/Night cycle in C#, while using this line:

SkySphere.Environment.SetSkyRotationDegrees(new Vector3(0, timeOf, 0));
(timeOf is the calculated time of the day variable)

it works but I get this problem in VS Code:

[deprecated] void Godot.Environment.SetSkyRotationDegrees(Vector3 eulerDegrees)
'Environment.SetSkyRotationDegrees(Vector3)' is obsolete: 'SetSkyRotationDegrees is deprecated. Use the BackgroundSkyRotationDegrees property instead.' [SkySphere_Demo]

My questions is how do we use BackgroundSkyRotationDegrees property?

Godot version v3.2.3 mono
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1 Answer

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i think the explanation is pretty clear: the SetSkyRotationDegrees() method you are using is depecrated (i think it will likely be removed in future versions), and it is suggesting to set the BackgroundSkyRotationDegrees property directly

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So do you know how you'd set the property directly with c#, mostly for automation reason's since we'll probably loose SetSkyRotationDegrees() method in the future. I also checked for BackgorundSkyRotationDegrees Property Implimantation and there's nothing currently.

i'm no C# expert, but in GDscript would be


isnt it the same in c?

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