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I will give a new course in university about game design and programming. I researched the softwares and found Godot as the best for the course. This course will be the first time in my university. The course will be for 14 weeks. The students' levels are not very good, because they have no big experience about programming, only low level. I plan to teach Godot 2D. What do you suggest to me?

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Kidscancode.org Has everything nicely formatted for this very purpose
Gdquest.com practically holds your hand ever step of the way
Godot Docs Honestly i haven't read a better scripted Docs to date


So my tutor taught us pascal using books that i can't really remember all of right now but anything involving trigonometry, Advance Algebra, Matrix Math are big pluses

The stuff listed here are basically entry level to get your feet wet. Will get back to ya with more info.

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