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Hey Guys, how y'all'd been. I just finished my first ever Game and published it successfully on It's named Test Project.

Please Visit to give it a try.

It is just a very simple bunny 🐇 platformer game but has all the basic components and features of a game. It is available for both Windows and Linux Platforms. Please try and tell me how you find it. 😊

Do not forget to give it a try! 😉


Godot version 3.2.3
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Max props keep up the good work. Being able to complete a title is a huge milestone checked. Try not to get too complacent and immediately start your next project. Again nice work.

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  • Does not scale to different resolutions. (looks broken)
  • Cannot jump high enough. Unplayable.
  • Sourcecode?
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Okay so I tested it on my 1366x768 monitor. So that works only on it I think.
I didn't intentionally put high jumping capacity, you can hit against the platforms edges for a higher jump, though.
Is it necessary to publish sourcecode?

you can test with window-mode. if it works with resizable-window, it should work in all resolutions.
If you publish your project-folder, i/we/everybody can look at it and give you suggestions ;)

OK I'll keep your suggestions in mind from the next time.
Apart from that how you did you find it please tell (everyone).

For your very first game, it is pretty superb.

As a not "first game" it's very unsatisfying.
But don't worry, thats perfectly normal.
My first game was far worse ;)

You really need to show the player better where to stand and jump and make the controls less squshy. (cannot explain, but its bad)

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