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Hello all! I been having some problems with Godot x64, my computer is a 64bits Toshiba Satellite with a OpenGl ver 4.3 and with the updated c++ library it show me this message.enter image description hereI have try the 32bits and it work but it crash a lot. when I start it and when I debug I'm running win 8.1 whit AMD graphics. if someone got any info please comment I really will appreciate any help! Thanks :D.

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Windows or official (downloaded) AMD drivers?
Some people had to remove the windows drivers and then install the AMD ones to get them installed too.

Also, try the development version which has some fixes for bad drivers.

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Seems like an error unrelated to Godot itself, but to your machine. See this topic on it:

Even through you error has a '0' more, this fix seems to work as well. The best solutions include you re-instaling Directx 64Bit edition and .Net Framework 64Bit edition.

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