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I can export a 3D model with animations in Blender, import it in Godot and use the animations.

But how can I add more animations to the 3D model at a later time?

I can load my .blend file and add more animations. But how can I export them to use them in Godot?

Of course I could export the whole 3D model with all animations again and replace the old one in Godot with it, but this would delete all additional animations I added to the AnimationPlayer (e.g. animations of guns I added in Godot, that were not in Blender).

Is there any way to exchange just animations between Blender and Godot?

(I hope this is not a too Blender specific question for this Godot Q&A)

Godot version 3.2.3
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In your scene append the AnimationPlayer from the newly exported blend file
Right Click > Merge From Scene > newfile.dae > AnimationPlayer

Select the animations from the new player and press Animation > Copy
Then in the original AnimationPlayer press Animation > Paste
Delete the Imported AnimationPlayer once finished

Note: This method can get tedious with plenty new animations so there may be a more document way to achieve better results.

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