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My specific case is that i want to draw a permanent directed trace on the floor when my character does dash. So, I tried setting process_material.anglee from code beffore each dash. Problem is, it affects all particles, including already emitted, so already drawn trace on floor messes up. Is there some other way maybe?

Godot version 3.2.3
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Check Material/<YourMaterial>/Resource/LocalToScene. This way each copy of this material will have it's own parameters (independent from others). Or if you need to have multiple synchronized copies of material and only one different for dash, then you need to create new material for dashes only.

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I edited my question to try to be more specific. I know that particle material might be shared resource, what I meant is I want to change parameters for new particles without affecting already emitted.
I change anle and EVERY particle emitted from this Particle2D node changes

Having the same issue, did you eventually figure out a solution?

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