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where is the diffrence between high level netwoking and low level networking ?

Godot version 3.2.2
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In a nutshell all things

low level == operating system specific (connect, disconnect, locate, request peers)
high level == application dependent (Send Email, URL lookup, database browsing like FTP)

FYI: You do know this a Godot Q&A and that your question isn't related in any shape or form

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Not necessarily; this person's question may be relevant. They could be wondering about the levels of multiplayer, which is an article in the official documentation.

Excellent find and is definitely the correct answer.
OP my apologies for the condescending reply to your question.

no Problem. Thanks for your answer

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Check out this writing here : High-level Multiplayer

What it says there is that, Low Level Networking is where you do networking from base. UDP and TCP. These are just HTTP.

And, in High Level Networking you get extra privileges like HTTPS(Security) support. Your data gets encrypted before fly. So, nobody can steal your data intercepting it.

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