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When removing a child node and then re-adding it, I get 3 errors:

area_enter_tree: Condition "!E" is true.
connect: Signal 'tree_entered' is already connected to given method '_area_exit_tree' in that object.
connect: Signal 'tree_exiting' is already connected to given method '_area_exit_tree' in that object.

I've isolated the cause of these errors as best I could. They only occur when I am removing and re-adding a node with two Areas with accompanying CollisionShapes.

I made a very basic project that only requires running test.tscn. Press 1 to remove and add a test node with 2 Area children. Press 2 to remove and add a test node with 1 Area child. Errors only appear in the first case and they appear every time the node is re-added.

Here is the test project:

Godot version 3.2.3
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If I understand correctly, these errors are from signals that aren't disconnected when the node leaves the scene tree and they try to re-connect themselves when the node is added back.

Are these errors only warnings that the signal is trying to connect itself multiple times?

Yes. It should be safe, if you are not going to pass node to another scene.

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