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Is it better to texture the 3D models in Blender or just to UV unwrap them and texture them in the Godot engine?

Can I reuse textures/materials if I would texture the 3D models in Blender to save performance/RAM in the game?

Godot version 2.3.2
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im also interested in responses to this question

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This is my workflow :
1) model in Blender > uv-unwrap > create material
2) export as glb -without- material
3) copy the material textures to Godot
4) recreate the materials in Godot

In Godot, I keep all my textures in the 'tx' folder, and all materials in the 'mat' folder. This makes it easy to reuse materials and textures.

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"recreate the materials in Godot" ok... may I ask you where I can find a good example of doing this (I'm looking to map a file on a sphere)

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