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I manually set buttons > Hint > Tooltip, but hovering mouse on it does not show anything, neither does it when having focus.

Am I supposed to turn tooltips on somewhere, or what am I doing wrong here ?

Godot version 3.2.3.stable
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  1. Make sure the tool tip is written their (I some how forgot that part once).

  2. Make sure the mouse mode is not set to ignore (it won't work if it is).

  3. Some of the nodes such as one of the text edits/line edits have a tool tip disable button make sure it is set to allow them

Thats all I know, without further testing, or knowledge of the system you have set up for the node.

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Thanks I made sure everything you said is correct, and looks like everything is. After testing with new scene I found out tool tips work, and narrowed down the issue was my script... (by instancing the scene and detaching script)

Its 300 lines of code so I won't be posting it here but I would appreciate if anyone knows common ways script may break tool tips ?

Tooltips do not render when tree is paused
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