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Yeah so I narrowed down the reason why tool tips do not render, it is because I set get_tree().paused = true. I already have set the parent node Pause Mode to Process.

Is there a way to fix this (get tool tips to show while tree is paused) ? I really do not want to write pause functionality myself since above works great otherwise.

Godot version 3.2.3.stable
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Tooltips simply can't show when paused since the nodes aren't processing input. Or anything else. If you want tooltips to show, then don't pause them. I don't see anything wrong with setting Pause Mode to process.

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I already have set the parent node Pause Mode to Process.

What do you mean ?

Edit oh you mean that its a glitch or something, and pause mode process should work ?

Okay, after some experimenting, it looks like the scene tree is the one that handles tooltips. So if you pause the scene tree, tooltips won't work. Try pausing a node lower in the hierarchy (pausing the node with the tooltip won't disable tooltips as long as the scene tree isn't paused).

Hmm, hopefully later version of Godot adds option for project settings to keep tool tips processing even when paused.

I do not think there is pause function for nodes, and settings parent nodes process to false does not seem to affect its childrens...

Therefore I wrote this ugly pause function:

for i in Game.scene.get_node("YSort").get_children():

This solved the tool tips issue atleast ! Thanks

You can just set a node's pause mode to stop to pause it.

I've found a pull request that solves this, but it was never merged.

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