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Hi guys!
I have a little bug right here and i don't know how to fix it. Im implementing a dash in my game, i follow tutorial Celeste dash like. The problem i have is that, im using Sprite and AnimationPlayer. And the video is using AnimatedSprite.

basically he just create a scene with a Sprite with a simple script.

  extends Sprite

func _physics_process(_delta):
    modulate.a = lerp(modulate.a,0,0.1)
    if modulate.a < 0.01:

Then he use a packed export in the character.

export (PackedScene) var dash_object

After that, some dash logic and then, In the handle_dash() function, because he has an AnimatedSprite, he use:

if is_dashing:
    var dash_node = dash_object.instance()
    dash_node.texture = ani.frames.get_frame(ani.animation,ani.frame)

But i use, because of the sprite:

if is_dashing:
    var dash_node = dash_object.instance()

In my sprite.texture i have 7 frames, but i couldn't make to show just one frame, it show all of them. Example

Should i use AnimatedSprite? Is it to posible to fix it with just the sprite?Should i use something else?. I use the documentation, but i couldn't make it work.

Godot version 3.2.3
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You can use Animation/HFrames, Animation/VFrames and Animation/Frame or Animation/FrameCoords in editor or corresponding properties hframes, vframes, frame and frame_coords in code to control which frame of the Sprite to show. You can also change these properties in AnimationPlayer too. So it is not necessary to use AnimatedSprite.

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I did


But when i made the dash, i get this error.

E 0:00:03.578 setframe: Index pframe = 6 is out of bounds (vframes * hframes = 1).
scene/2d/sprite.cpp:261 @ setframe()
Player.gd:213 @ handle
PlayerFSM.gd:48 @ statelogic()
StateMachine.gd:12 @ physicsprocess()

You need to set Animation/HFrames and/or Animation/VFrames too. These parameters tells engine how much frames your spritesheet have. You can't set frame to value more than hframe * vframe.

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