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Hey guys;
So I wanted to use a high res animation that is 20 seconds long with a transparent background (overlayed over some other dynamic background). I used a PNG sequence, but the animation is 150Mb, which converting them to webm becomes a mere 3Mb.
So not wanting to have a 150Mb large executable just because of a 20 second animation, what is the best solution for this?

Godot version 3.2.3
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Since Godot doesn't support transparent WebM, your two options are:

  • Lossy WebP image sequence (reimport the image with the Lossy compression mode in the Import dock).
  • WebM or Theora video a green/black background and a chroma keying shader. Note that video playback in Godot has many bugs which won't be fixed until 4.0 at least, so going with WebP may be a better idea.
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That sounds perfect, so I converted the image sequence to a webp animation, which now is 7Mb so I am happy with that.
But importing it to Godot shows me this enter image description here
And it cannot be dragged to the viewport. So what should I do with the webp now?

Importing webP animation

I now go that you meant an image sequence in the format webP, bot webP as an animation since it is not supported in Godot.

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