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Hi, I have a problem when I trying to make a tile 2d map.

I draw a 50x50 pixel square as a tile map texture

As a sprite, I disable the Filter check box to avoid it get blurry.

After that, I found there is still some weird pixel on the map. Like a transparent picture over on it.

How can I fix it? Do I miss something?

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Two problems with your question: first, images are missing, and second, you should post it into Engine and not Projects.

Sorry for that, update now.

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For pixel art, it's better to disable all the flags and set the storage to Uncompressed. I think your problem is the Mipmaps flag.

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I guess you don't talk about the Repeat and Mirrored Repeat flags, because they look so useful for backgrounds...

Hey, I just realized the problem is coming from my texture after I post the question here.

There is a feature called onion skin in my pixel painting software, and it did the blend effect on my texture and I didn't even notice that ( the texture is too small for me to find the tiny different... ). So it's not the problem of godot.

Anyway, thanks for the reply, it might be a good advice for me to make a pixel game.

@Bojidar Marinov I will check this out, thanks! :)

You're right, thanks!

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