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Hey all, so I converted an image sequence to a webp animation, which went from 150Mb image sequence to a 7Mb animation.
But importing it to Godot shows me this:
enter image description here
And it cannot be dragged to the viewport. So my question is, how can I use a webP animation?

Godot version 3.2.3
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You're probably going to have to convert it to a WebM or some similar animation file because the engine seems to only support WebP as a static image format.

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Ah I see, well a webM is a no go as I want the transparency there, but I guess using a webP as an image sequence, not as animation is what was meant in the related answer.
Quick bonus Q though, I have like 500 frames of an animation in the webP format, totalling 7Mb of files (little over 1Kb each), but once imported in Godot, it generates in the .import folder files that totals around 100 Mb, is there a workaround that? or reason for it?

With respect to the separate "*.import" files, the engine uses those to keep track of the image files, namely their state, or which scenes use those files. If you're wondering, the "*.import" files don't impact the size of the final game; only the size of the project.

Well it is more in the .import/ folder, where without it, the project is 8Mb big, but the exe is 90Mb, but when I reimported the assets using lossy with 0.9 quality, the exe got down to 45Mb. So somehow it was affecting it :/

On import, if the quality of the images was reduced, then the size of the files was also reduced, and thus the smaller executable size.

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