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how can i load all save file if it exist then fill it in array

save file name
var save_data_name = ["save_1","save_2","save_3","save_4","save_5","save_6","save_7"]
slot that need to fill var player_dict = [{},{},{},{},{},{},{}]

example if save_1 and save_3 exist,
if will fill like this var player_dict = [{dict_1},{},{dict_2},{},{},{},{}]

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1 Answer

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i will write a way which came to my mind:

var player_dict = []
for name  in save_data_name:
      player_dict.append({"dict_" + str(name[-1]) :   name) 

# name[-1] will give last character of name, 1, 2 etc..
#after this will append that name to array as dictionary.
Example if you have save1 and save4, then player_dict will be like this:

{dict1 : "save1",dict4 : "save4"}

i hope it will help you.

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