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I have a huge code for generating sprites, and their number annoys me a little ...

Can I create a universal link where the filename is equal to the selected variable

Old code

sprite1.texture = load ("res: // Assets / Magic RPG / Sword / Effects / 1.png")


var link = 1
sprite1.texture = load ("res: // Assets / Magic RPG / Sword / Effects / link.png")
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1 Answer

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Well, it is easy.

Firstly honestly i don't got your problem, but probably you're wanting like this:

var link = 1
sprite1.texture = load ("res: // Assets / Magic RPG / Sword / Effects /"sprite" + str(link) + ".png")

But you should change name of your sprites, example:


etc etc..

i hope this will help you.

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I have already tried this option, but now I will try to change the names of the sprites

Yes, also I am using this way. It is easy for me, you should change :)

This worked with new sprite names.
Thank you so much!

Your welcome

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