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i want call function from GDscript another node from this node in visual scripting.
How do I do that?

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From the function you wish to make the call get the node and use one of that nodes call_method function (call, callv, call_deferred)

Click Add Nodes..

  • Call Mode to Node Path
  • Function to get_node
  • Node Path to the node with the GDscript

enter image description here

Click Add Nodes..

  • Call Mode to Instance
  • Base Type to Object / Node
  • Base Script to the path of the GDscript with the function
  • Function to the function you wish to call

enter image description here

Here i use the override _ready(): func
enter image description here

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I've never actually used Visual scripting before so i may be completely off the mark so feedback welcomed

My problem was solved.
You really explained in full.
Thank you very much.

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