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I made a script which reads .json files in my res:// and makes dialogs out of them. It works fine, but when I export my game it crashed, because there is no res:// any more and the .json files dont get exported with all the other files.

Is there a other text format which gets exported because a .png file for example gets exported ,too?


Is there a way how I still can read the .json files after the game was exported


Is there a way how to get these .json files to the user:// path which still exists after exporting, but then there must be a installation programm which creates the .json files in the user:// folder when someone installs the game the first time.

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.json files are not exported by default. You must specify them to be exported in the Resources tab of the export menu.

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You can export JSON by adding *.json to the type of resources to export in the Export menu, Resources tab.

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