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Should I use a OpenSimplexNoise texture or should I clone CSG Mesh substractions or is there a other better way?

Is CSG Mesh good at exported games?
How do I have to use the OpenSimplexNoise to create caves? (Which type of Vector calculation do I need?)
Can I substract a hole into a mesh cube (not CSG)?

These caves should be 3d and procedural.

I hope someone can help me.

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I Guess you could use a GridMap (if your game has a stylized and low polly look) and also use a maze generation algorithm as this one.

I'm trying to create a city procedurally and CSG nodes are consuming a lot of processing power, I'm trying to find other options, so maybe you too.

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Thank you, but I want to try to get a as realistic as possible generation.
I'm currently looking at the Godot Voxel Module (Github Cave generation question)
I will tell you if I found out more.

Thank you for helping me and good luck with your city generation,

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