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func place():
placing = false
Level.set_grid_position(("pad" if Pad else "plant"),tile_pos.y,tile_pos.x,ObjectIndex,Plant,null)

This i supposed to print place, it is called by

func _input(event: InputEvent) -> void:
if event.is_action_pressed("lmb"):
    if placing:
        if get_tile_access(tile_pos.y,tile_pos.x):
            print("We're calling the function place but yet it's isn't printing 'place'. Why could that be?")

Since it also should calls this, shouldn't this print too?

func set_grid_position(type:String,row:int,collumn:int,value:int,id:String,data: Dictionary):
print("aha!",type," ",value," ",id)
if type=="pad":
elif type=="plant":
    print(objgrid[row][collumn]," ",plantgrid[row][collumn])
elif type=="griditem":

None of these, except the input(), print anything. However i do know that the place() function is called because the animation does change to idle and the placing does disable. I, however, am unsure whether setgrid_position() is being called.
*Functions have been slightly adjusted but nothing is printed.
fixed don't answer im extremely dumb

Godot version 3.2.3 stable
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Problem was my carelessness. Script inherited from this script had a separate place function, which i didn't change, and thus it didn't execute setgridposition. Sorry about that.

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Always check inhrited objects if you have "make sub resources unique" enabled :)

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