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I have created a game from one of your tutorials & when I export it, it exports fine when I export with an .exe & a .pck file.
But when I click to include the .pck file in the .exe file, it only exports the .exe file without the .pck file included in it.
And sometimes it also uses the default godot icon for the game, even though I have it set to my own icon.

Godot version 3.2.3
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it would help a lot to troubleshoot if you include your export options.

Export Settings:
Windows Desktop (Runnable)
Checked Items:
S 3 Tc
No Bptc Fallbacks
64 Bits
Embed Pck
Icon - res://icon.png
File Version 1.0.0
Product Version 1.0.0
Product Name - Game
Copyright - 2021

There are two issues here:

  • You can't use both rcedit and PCK embedding at the same time (it's broken).
  • The file and product version should use a x.x.x.x format, not x.x.x. Use instead of 1.0.0.

Also, PCK embedding itself is quite fragile, so it may not be a good idea to rely on it until it's rewritten from scratch.

What is rcedit because it is not in my project export settings?

What is rcedit & where would I disable it since it is not in my export or project settings?
BTW...I was able to get the .pck file embedded in the game, but it uses the godot icon instead of my own, even though I have it set to use my own.
This is very frustrating.

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