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When I export my project to Android I have issues with the LineEdit's clear button (the x when you have Clear Button = On in the node properties).

Pressing the Button on Android seemingly clears the input but as soon as you start typing the previous content is back. Sometimes parts of the previous input are deleted but not all of it. On Desktops it works fine (Win, Linux, Mac) and deletes the text, just as expected.

I wonder if it might simply due to my project settings or maybe it is a bug in godot itself? Although when I searched the internet I couldn't find anything.

I tried switching to GLES2 after reading that GLES3 has some Problems on Android but it didn't change anything.

Tested on Android Version is 10 on a OnePlus A5010.

Godot version 3.2.3
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1 Answer

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It looks that this has been fixed already for 3.2 but the fix is not in 3.2.3.

Guess I have to wait for the next version or compile godot myself.

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