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Error: E 0: 00:04.247 createinstance: Condition" rerror. error != Variant::CallError::CALLOK" is true. Returned: __null

extends Node2D

onready var item = preload("res://Scense/Items.tscn")

func get_player():
return $Player

func ready():
var items = ["stick", "twig", "stone", "apple"]
for i in range(16):
var a = int(rand
var newitem = item.instance()
item.position = Vector2(int(randrange(0,32*31)), int(randrange(0, 32*28)))

Godot version Godot Engine v3.2.3.stable.official
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please use code-formatting {} for everthing that is code or contains _
Its very hard to read your text like this...

1 Answer

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Error seems a bit weird, but I can see the line that causes it
You are instancing strings
You forgot about load() or preload()
It usually goes like this :

var stick = preload("res/scenes/stick.tscn")
var ins = stick.instance()

By the way, this is how You should have formatted code part of text....

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