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I created the object Prop2D it has a Script Variable in which the level designer
can choose a sprite. This sprite is of course only visible when the game is run.

My question is, can I give my Prop2D object a gizmo to make it easier for the lvl designer to see where he placed said props in the scene?

(the default gizmo is hard to see and difficult to select)

I tried with the EditorSpatialGizmo, with no success.

Godot version 3.2.3 stable
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Is your Prop2D declared as tool?
If yes you could setget your variable to make appear instantly in the editor.
You could also add a Spriteor somehting so you have something to click on in the editor and delete it in the _ready() method. Engine.editor_hint might come in handy.

No, it is not declared as a tool. But i've gone with the sprite idea, and it works perfecty. Thank you

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