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I'm visually editing a simple curve like this

export(Curve) var bezier

I have no problem saving them as presets .tres files, problem arises because I don't know how to load them, I want to store many and then dynamically interchange them at will

doc's dont say nothing about loading presets

storing them in variables indeed works

var stored = load("res//path/file.tres")

but then how do i apply it?

just in case the node path2d also manage curves if somebody does know how to load curves there by code maybe the same could apply to Curves class

Godot version 3.2.3
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Nevermind I figured out,

visually editing them like this makes easier to achieve desired shapes

export(Curve) var bezier

when you have some shape you want, you save it as a .tres file

then to load them you either use load or preload

var stored = load("res//path/file.tres")


var stored = preload("res//path/file.tres")

and finally call it by its name, in this case I used it to interpolate some values from linear to exponential

var get_new_value = stored.interpolate(range_lerp(some_value, value_origin, value_ending, 0.0, 1.0))
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I like how u choose your own answer as best . Anyway I was also trying to figure that out in vain. Thanks.

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