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Hi everyone,
I am trying to implement a NodeJS server which is connected to a MySQL database.
My Godot project is supposed to send queries to this server so it proceed a request into the databas and send the result to the godot WebSocketClient.

The problem is that this server works perfectly (tested with a NodeJS client), but when I try to connect my Godot project to it, nothing happens.

var address = "ws://localhost:1234"
var dbConnection = WebSocketClient.new()
dbConnection.connect("connection_established", self, "_connection_established_BDD")
dbConnection.connect("connection_closed", self, "_connection_closed_BDD")
var db_err = dbConnection.connect_to_url(address)
if(db_err != OK):
    print("Erreur lors de la connection au serveur de BDD")

 func _connection_established_BDD(id, proto=""):
print("Serveur connecté au serveur de base de données "+str(id))

func _connection_error_BDD():
print("Erreur lors de la connection au serveur de base de donnée")

Neither success function nor error function nor db_err prints anything, so I can't find the problem.

Maybe somebody has an idea to solve it, or an easier solution to communicate between Godot and a mysql (or other) database ?

Thanks for your help

Godot version 3.2.3
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Hello! Did you find any solution?

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